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Fairfax-San Anselmo Children's Center

A Credo

We do the most important work. • We believe in the child and the family unconditionally. • We treat the child as an achiever. • We are the cheering squad for the child and the parents. • We applaud their successes, urge them to take risks, and turn their setbacks into new challenges. • We are nurturers, not smotherers. • We encourage learning that promotes questioning, curiosity and self-discovery. • We adore them so they will believe in their special ness. • We are more ready to compliment than criticize, to praise than berate, to encourage than insult. • We believe that in each moment lies the possibility and potential for making each child feel better about him/herself and walk with their head high. • We honor each of our roles in the partnership of caring for children. • We enable others to excel. • Who we are with each other is an example of who we will be with the children. • We will not confuse power and control with discipline and learning. • We will be clear about what we ask of children. Is it for their benefit or ours? • We will require excellence of ourselves, avoid mediocrity, and strive for compassion and humanness. • We will sustain a sense of hopefulness and optimism, keeping alive wonder, freshness and good humor. -Ethel Seiderman, Circa 1986