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In the Infant Center we provide our youngest with a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive and grow into healthy young children. Each child has a primary caregiver who is there to build a secure and loving relationship with them. This relationship is extended to the family so that parents can share and receive vital information about their young one with a familiar teacher. We offer activities and experiences that will support the development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. In the Infant Center key experiences include the daily rituals that are embedded in the day-to-day caregiving routines. These routines are not rigid but rather flexible and sensitive to the individual needs of the children.

The day consists of a balance of self-directed play and teacher initiated activities that include indoor and outdoor play, circle time with singing before meals, teeth brushing after lunch, napping with their own familiar teacher, stories, walks, art, dramatic play, blocks, puzzles and a variety of other age appropriate, fun and engaging activities. Our young children have a variety of opportunities to explore and interact with their environment while teachers support their play throughout the day. Through this play the children learn about themselves and the world around them. When the time is right children will move from the Infant Center into our preschool program in the Children’s Center.