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The Children’s Center is the home of our preschool program. We care for children in a mixed age group setting so that children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 are together in our two large classrooms. While we see play as a natural medium for learning, we strongly believe that children learn best in a well-balanced daily program of teacher directed activities and child initiated play. The day is planned according to a predictable pattern that paces the activities and takes into account the time of day and the needs of the children.

Our daily program is intended to encourage exploration, cooperation, self-discovery, the development of a positive self-esteem and a sense of oneself a successful learner. Everyday children are involved in activities that support the healthy development of their social, emotional, physical and cognitive areas of development.

Teachers in this program are a team of men and women, and efforts are made to diversify age, ethnicity, skills, and lifestyles so that we have a representation in staff of the children and families we serve. We also believe that children learn best through healthy relationships with caring adults so teachers strive to develop strong connections with the children in the preschool.

It is through this connection teachers can begin to teach children about the world around them and support them in their natural and exciting quest for learning! The skills and experiences children gain while in the Children’s Center lay a solid foundation for their upcoming years in school. Children move into the After School program the summer before they begin Kindergarten.