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Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center follows the family support principles developed by Parent Support Project, Inc. Our main focus in family support is building partnerships with parents. We believe that parents are their children’s first teachers. And, that “you cannot serve the child without serving the family”.

Staff and parent work together to create a menu of activities that meets the interests and needs of the current families we serve. These include leadership activities such as our parent advisory group and the board of directors; family fun events such as potlucks, picnics and barbeques; and adult only activities such as workshops and classes.

The majority of activities and events are in the early evenings after parents work hours. Besides these special activities, classroom teachers are committed to working closely with families on behalf of the children regarding their day-to-day care and their overall health and development. The Center staff also works with families to connect them to needed resources within the county as well as navigate the local school systems.


One Sunday morning a month, fathers and men associated with the Center, meet to help with various projects around the Center, plan upcoming activities and most of all bring fathers and men together for solidarity. Fathers are often accompanied by their children, who get to see their dads actively taking part to build and improve our Center. This is an empowering action because provides a powerful connection for a child, to see their father caring about something that relates to the child so much.


The Parents-In-Action Committee (PIA) is a group of parents that meet on a regular basis to give advice and plan for upcoming workshops, events, fundraisers and potlucks at the Center. These meetings can help parents make new connections with other families, creating community and reducing isolation. These are open to everyone and parents are encouraged to participate whenever they can. It’s important to hear parent’s voices as we plan the activities and events for the Center.