The Fairfax-San Anselmo Children’s Center provides wholesome freshly prepared meals for the children enrolled at the Center. Breakfast, lunch and a morning and afternoon snack are provided to children throughout the day. These daily meals are prepared by our own cook following the California Child Care Food Program nutritional guidelines. Menus are posted weekly in classrooms for families to see what their children will be eating. Parents and teachers work together when special dietary needs are required for a child.

Each classroom eats as a group using family style dining as the manner in which everyone comes together to take part in the meal. Children and teachers sit at individual tables for these freshly prepared nourishing meals. The teachers sit with the children at mealtime, offering modeling opportunities through their own behavior while maintaining a calm, focused mealtime environment. Each group enjoys the meal while serving themselves food at their table, trying new foods and conversing with each other in this intimate and pleasant setting. Mealtime offers a socialization opportunity that fosters language, communication and conversation skills.